We present you the list of the most influential artistes in Africa as of 2019, by influence we mean the impact these artistes have had in people’s lives, the music industry and more continental wise. To further expatiate how the ranking was made, we reviewed the positive influences these artistes have made all over Africa within the last 12 months.

1 . Mr Eazi


At the no.1 spot we have the one and only Mr Eazi who has made nothing but huge impacts on African music since 2016, considered by many people as the smartest musician in the industry, with his very tactical approach to the music, his technological promotion and marketing of Afrobeats. Last year he introduced a promotional technique of using Animes for songs a tactic that has lead to streaming success of many of his songs, now almost every act is using this technique.

He influenced an entirely different sound in the Nigerian music scene after his 2016 success, fast forward to 2019 Mr Eazi is now the most streamed Nigerian artist on Spotify following monthly statistics, and with the introduction of his Artists empowerment program Empawa he helped over 100 African artists financially last year and now in 2019 he just announced another 300,000 dollars funding for 30 African artists, no company or artist has ever done this much before. He will go down as one of the most influential African artists of all time.

2. Davido

No African person would be surprised to see Davido at the top of this list. He has been in the industry for over 8years now and still as consistent as ever, also breaking boundaries with his songs becoming bigger overseas. His Fall single is the most popular song by an African artist in the united states ever. Not to mention he is the most popular African artist in Africa, there is barely an African country Davido will have a concert and not sell out. Davido also runs the most successful record label in Nigeria at the moment, giving more new artists chances to express their art and become successful. He definitely deserves the no.2 spot

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3. Diamond Platnumz

Of course you would expect to see the biggest artist in East Africa on this list, the Tanzanian pop icon Diamond has been nothing but influential since he gained prominence in 2012. He has remained ever consistent and always introducing new sounds to the bongo world. Since his rise he has signed and nurtured several artists who are now huge names in Africa via his label WCB Wasafi which is definitely one of the biggest and most successful record labels in Africa if not the most successful. We at TINAMAG absolutely consider him right for this position.

4.  Wizkid

We also have at no.4 on the list the biggest artist out of Africa (arguably). Wizkid is known and respected by many musicians in Africa his influence on the new sound of Africa is huge, he has collaborated with several foreign artists and promoted African sounds off the shores of Africa. Wizkid has the most followers on Spotify and most streamed African artist on spotify. He also appeared on the Lion King album which has promoted African music more to the western world this year

5. Tekno

Speaking of popularity across Africa TEKNO is definitely among the top 3 most popular artists in Africa. He has introduced and influenced too many sounds since his break out in 2015. The Nigerian singer is also known as a terrific producer, just recently he produced a new song by Drake and Swae Lee promoting the Afrobeats sound and movement, He is also known quite well for his charitable habit of sharing cash on social media to fans who need them.

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6. Yemi Alade

The self acclaimed Mama Africa Yemi Alade is arguably the most popular female artist across Africa, her sounds have influenced several female artists in Africa, she has the most viewed music video on Youtube by a female west African artist and in 2019 she became the most subscribed female artist in Africa. She is also featured on the Beyonce Album Lion King released earlier this year.

7. Burna Boy


He rose to prominence in 2012 after releasing the lead single “Like to Party” from his debut studio album, L.I.F.E (2013). In 2017, Burna Boy signed with Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in the United States and Warner Group internationally. He has always been different and unique with his sounds and his Afro Fusion sound has since 2018 been influencing the entire music industry, he is gaining more prominence in the UK and America. He recently won the best international act at the 2019 BET awards.

9. Shatta Wale

This is one artist who has been consistent and has changed the Africa dancehall scene since 2014, he peaked number 38 on E.tv’s “Top 100 Most Influential Ghanaians” Awards chart. He has since appeared on the chart each year. He was ranked “Most Influential Musician” on social media in 2017. he won 8 awards at the 3music awards in 2019 . He also featured on the Lion King Album on a song duo with Beyonce further promoting the African dancehall sound.

9. Olamide

If this was a list of the most influential musicians in Nigeria he’d definitely be no.1 on the list, the Nigerian singer and rapper may not be very popular continental wise, but he has revolutionized hip hop and pop music in Nigeria and west Africa, he even has a fan base in some places in East Africa, Olamide’s effect on the industry has been nothing but amazing, the artistes he has unveiled into the industry via his record label are many and his support for the masses keep increasing every year.

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10. AKA

We present you one of Africa’s best rapper according to popular acclamation, AKA’s influence on Southern Africa’s hip hop has always been huge. His flows and infusion of local sounds with hip hop sounds. He is one of the most popular Rappers in Africa. He was nominated for the 2019 BET awards.